Our transport management system (TMS) has been specifically designed and developed for “Drivers”. TMS provides the driver with an intuitive user interface that is simple and straightforward. No more clunky proprietary EOBR devices with limited capabilities. TMS operates on the Apple iOS platform supporting advanced technologies like Face Time, Bluetooth, sign-on-glass, 2-way messaging, built in camera and much more.

Thresholds & alerts emailed
24hr temperature monitoring and reporting
Suitable for Food, Pharma & Healthcare
Easy to access PDF reports with detailed analysis

TMS. Our flagship offering, delivers a variety of solutions geared at enhancing the driver experience. The Apple iPad range is the perfect mobile platform for drivers – size, shape, design, durability, reliability and functionality.

Main Features:
– Electronic driver pre departure reports
– Route assignment
– Route navigation.
– Trailer temperatures.
– Proof Of Delivery (POD)

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Transport Management System APP