Monthly Archives: October 2021

The Importance Of Real-Time Data In Supply Chain Management

In a multi-tiered global supply chain, end-to-end visibility is tough enough to achieve in the best of times. But the spread of the coronavirus has laid bare supply chain vulnerabilities and their impact on the world economy.   When the spread of the virus across China, forced the shut downs of 1000’s of factories, and […]

British milk sours amid labour crisis

Some British dairy farmers have been forced to destroy tens of thousands of litres of milk due to rising costs, labour shortages and an acute deficit of truck drivers which has strained supply chains to breaking point, farmers said. A post-Brexit shortage of workers exacerbated by the global strains of the COVID crisis has sown chaos […]

Our transport management system (TMS) has been specifically designed for “Drivers”

Our transport management system (TMS) has been specifically designed and developed for “Drivers”. TMS provides the driver with an intuitive user interface that is simple and straightforward. No more clunky proprietary EOBR devices with limited capabilities. TMS operates on the Apple iOS platform supporting advanced technologies like Face Time, Bluetooth, sign-on-glass, 2-way messaging, built in […]

Report outlines 24 Actionable Ways To Beat The Labor Shortage

The foodservice industry is no stranger to high turnover and hiring woes, but this year, restaurants are facing a labor shortage unlike any other. The problem has grown so severe that many brands all across the spectrum—from giant quick-service chains to independent full-service restaurants—have had to trim operating hours or the number of employees per […]