About PPT (Projected Product Temperature) Included With PIMMTAG

What is PPT

The “Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) is an FDA recognised algorithm which is a simplified way of expressing the overall effect of temperature fluctuations during storage or transit of perishable goods. With years of experience and data collection, Procuro has refined this mathematical expression to represent “PPT”, or Projected Product Temperatures.

How PIMM-PPT™ Is Calculated

“PIMM-PPT™ is an expression of the cumulative thermal stress experienced by a perishable product at varying temperatures during storage and distribution. PIMM-PPT™ is a calculated, single temperature that is similar to the effects of temperature variations on the product over time.


Procuro’s PIMM™ PPT™ is “THE ANSWER” to the frequently asked question… “What is the product temperature of this item; and how was quality, safety and shelf-life affected under the storage and transit conditions?”

PIMM™ PPT is an excellent tool to ensure product temperature compliance and customer satisfaction during the storage and transportation of refrigerated products. PIMM™ PPT uses the Mean Kinetic Temperature algorithm to properly project the product temperatures based upon the ambient air conditions or environmental conditions during the distribution process.

For more information and case study’s of PIMM™ PPT please email sales@procuro.com