Case Study: Servecentric Enterprise Cloud

Company profile
Procuro is a software and services company that specializes in cold chain management for the food and pharma industries.  Procuro offer a range of software services under the PIMM brand which provide cold chain model monitoring, product traceability and end to end visibility to their customers and supply chain partners.

The Challenge
Procuro were utilising a number of different hosting services in Europe and the US that were providing Infrastructure platforms for its core services.  The company wanted to consolidate its cloud infrastructure to a single turnkey provider based in the EU. Additionally, the company had concerns relating to data residency, consistency of performance and pricing and ongoing support levels that needed to be addressed by the selected service provider.

The solution
After a review of several Hyperscale and indigenous Irish European providers, Procuro selected Servecentric Enterprise Cloud (SEC) as it preferred service supplier.

The first step was that Servecentric provided a comprehensive Proof of Concept platform in order to facilitate validation of the performance of the service and understand the capacity of the support services included in the standard offering. Following completion of this comprehensive POC phase, the company was fully satisfied that Servecentric’s Cloud fitted the criteria required by Procuro.

Servecentric also made the migration phase much simpler by supporting Procuro’s engineering team at every step.

“It was important that we were able to fully prove any new platform with production workloads prior to making any final decision. We have a growing customer base to cater for in the EMEA region which poses latency and scaling challenges. Servecentric made this process completely seamless and supported us at every step. It was great to be able to do this while having complete transparency around pricing once we completed migration to production” Conor Cleary, VP Operations, EMEA, Procuro

The impact
Since moving to SEC, Procuro have enjoyed consistency of performance and pricing that they previously didn’t have.  Budgeting has been made much simpler with the cost certainty provided by the service. In fact, as the overall compute and storage resource requirements have effectively been reduced by the fact that all resources are undersubscribed and unbundled. The company has been able to achieve greater savings than originally anticipated while improving productivity.

“We are delighted to work with Procuro as they were clear about their requirements and went through a rigorous selection process prior to engagement. Servecentric Enterprise Cloud works very well in the IoT space and we look forward to working closely with Procuro over the coming years as they grow their business.” Brian Roe, CEO, Servecentric

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