Cold Chain Management Systems

Our cold chain management systems cover all aspects of the supply chain ensuring end to end visibility, reporting and quality control. Using our systems our clients have scaled their operations quickly and efficiently.

An integral part of our system is our Projected Product Temperature (PPT) Algorithm which has been proven to predict the core  temperature of products after many changes in air temperature.

Our systems and solutions: 

  • Smart temperature monitoring data logger devices

  • Telematics and Asset Tracking

  • Route Management

  • Transport Management System (TMS)

  • Facility Management system (FMS)

  • Warehouse Management system (WMS) 

  • Store Management System (SMS) 

  • Proof Of Delivery (POD) 

  • Realtime Trailer Management (RTM) 

PIMM™ Cold Chain Management (CCM)

PIMM™ Cold Chain Management (CCM) provides “end to end visibility” for your cold chain. The system monitors, analyzes and manages the entire distribution process from supplier plants, 3rd party carriers, 3rd party cold storage/distribution centers, outbound delivery fleet and in-store cold storage using our software and hardware.

Procuro Projected Product Temperature (PPT)

Simulated product temperatures offer the most accurate representation how fluctuating air temperatures affect the core temperature of the product during transport.

The underlying algorithm / calculation we utilized to produce our PIMM™ Projected Product Temperature (PPT) is Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT).

While the underlying calculation behind our PIMM™ PPT is based on the mean kinetic temperature calculation, through field testing and thousands of simulations against route data in our database, Procuro has enhanced the algorithm to give even more accurate simulated temperatures through customized settings and variable inputs.

What Our Customers Say

GSF has been using the Procuro-PIMM system for many years for temperature monitoring of over 5,000 annual trailer loads of produce and fruit. The PIMM system is a user friendly and highly reliable system. Customer support for our facilities lead by Enrique Alvarez has been excellent.

Golden State Foods

“During the past eight years Meyer QSL have been working with Procuro availing of all of the Pimm services from telematics to iPad applications. We have leveraged their services to help grow our business, we started out in Germany but are now spread throughout Europe and Procuro have worked along side us right the way through. It is with confidence that I recommend Procuro.

Meyer QSL

As a 16-year customer using the Facility temperature monitoring and the Inbound trailer temperature monitoring products, I must say that they have been trouble free. The products offer a high degree of comfort knowing that I will be alerted to any unusual variations in temperature. The analytics enable me to easily retrieve data and use it to effectively manage our quality systems.

Maines Food & Paper

As a long-time Food Safety Consultant and Auditor to the Food, Beverage and Produce industries I am extremely familiar with the Procuro/PIMM™ service offerings which are in my judgement best in class.

The offerings include both hardware and software which enable companies to have true end to end visibility of their supply chain (transport, storage and delivery). The ability to accurately document and verify processes, assures compliance to specific FSMA regulations such as Preventive Controls for Human and Animal Food, Produce Rule and Sanitary Transport of Food.

Food Safety Consultants – Country Fare Consulting LLC

The best customer service ever! I have had minor issues and every time they have been helpful until it was solved.

Horkram Foodservice, Denmark

We are very satisfied with the PIMM Log-Tag system. It works great and we do not have any problems. Also the service to order the Log-Tags and envelopes is very fast. Keep up the good work.

KADI AG, Switzerland

Amazing product, great people! Having a reliable system that manages temperature control (so we don’t have to) is priceless.

Bojangle’s, Inc.

Procuro Customer Support is fantastic! Able to investigate questionable situations and retrieve past profiles.

Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc.

We have been doing business with the team at Procuro for more than ten years. I can’t speak too highly of Vince and his team. They have a great product, a great message, and are an absolute pleasure to work with.

LogTag Recorders Ltd

PIMM Log-Tag programme works great and we are very happy with it.

Frey Gemuse, Switzerland