PIMM™ TAG lite

Our simple to use, plug & play temperature monitoring data logger

From €10 per device, discounts available for larger quantities

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Our New “Plug & Play” Temperature monitoring device (TMD) datalogger for monitoring and reporting on temperatures during transit, shipping and logistics
  • Pharma

  • Food: Chilled – Ambient – Frozen

  • PDF & CSV Reports

  • Built in USB

  • Comes in water proof pouch

  • Technical support

  • Status lights

  • Temperature recording range -30C to +70C

  • 90 days storage at 5 minute intervals

  • No software required

How PIMM™ TAG lite Works

temperature monitoring device for food and pharma


Below Are Some Of The Additional Features Our PIMM™ TAG Temperature Monitoring Datalogger Provides

  1. Online portal access to view all reports
  2. Projected Product Temperature (PPT)
  3. Temperature thresholds and alerts
PIMMTAG temperature monitoring device TMD / data logger for monitoring temperature sensitive products. Advanced features such as thresholds, alerts, online access, etc

What Our Clients Say

The best customer service ever! I have had minor issues and every time they have been helpful until it was solved.

Horkram Foodservice, Denmark

We are very satisfied with the PIMM Log-Tag system. It works great and we do not have any problems. Also the service to order the Log-Tags and envelopes is very fast. Keep up the good work.

KADI AG, Switzerland

Amazing product, great people! Having a reliable system that manages temperature control (so we don’t have to) is priceless.

Bojangle’s, Inc.

About Us

Procuro is a software and services company that specialise in Cold Chain Management solutions for the Food, Pharma and Chemical industries.

We strive on developing new applications to help our customers monitor and improve all aspects of their cold chain. Many of our applications were inspired by our current customers to alleviate the common headaches they experience in their day-to-day operations.

Procuro offers a series of Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings under the PIMM™/iPIMM™ brand which provide cold chain monitoring, product traceability and end to end visibility for our customers and their supply chain partners.

Our mission is to automate, intelligently notify and provide practical analysis regarding our customers’ operations.

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Dawood Shamon

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