Daily Vehicle Walk Arounds and Inspections

If you are the owner or user of a commercial vehicle and/or HGV you must have a system/process in place to inspect, maintain and repair your vehicles.

The two inspection types which must be completed are:

  • Preventative maintenance checks, inspections and reports.
  • Daily walk around checks, inspections and reports.


Daily walk around checks, inspections and reports

Daily “Walk around” checks prior to driving a vehicle are an effective and simply way to identify potentially dangerous issues before vehicles are used. These daily walk-around checks can be completed by any person trained to conduct these checks (Example: drivers, supervisors or mechanics)


Potential roadworthiness issues can also be identified during driving, and therefore you should seek driver feedback as a source of information on vehicle condition.

As the user, owner or driver of a commercial vehicle / HGV you must ensure that a walk around inspection of the vehicle is carried out before the vehicle is used on a public road.


The Procuro TMS solution has a comprehensive and easy to use vehicle checking process which makes daily walk around checks efficient and reporting of issues instant. Items that require repair can be photographed and shared with all team members, repairs can be planned which reduce the amount of time the vehicle is off the road.


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